Lets talk about being to scared to start something you want to, because you are worried what others will think

Hey guys welcome to this blog post in this blog post I am going to be talking to you guys about having confidence in yourself and your abilities.

I have read tones of bloggers posts because I just love reading people’s blog posts and I love creating blog posts as well. But lately I have been reading some people’s blog posts which are about how to start your own blog. And although I saw lots of positive comments on these people’s posts, comments like I am so inspired, I’ll start or, I have been wanting to start blogging for a while and this has given me the final push I needed and I am now going to start one. And I read through these comments and thought wow this blogger should be really happy that they are influencing so many people and they should be proud. And they should be proud, but I also saw comments saying things like I would start but I am worried people will judge me, or I am worried what people will think, or even what if my friends don’t like me if I blog?. It’s the same with a lot of other social media platforms as well.

you be you and ill be me

I think this is actually really sad because if you want to start something that will make you genuinely happy, you should do it and you shouldn’t care about what other people think. However that is a really hard thing to do, it is a humans natural instinct to care about what other humans around them think. But if you want to start something you should do it, try as hard as you possibly can to push away the negative thoughts  because a lot of the time most people are supportive and if they aren’t then they are not nice people and you shouldn’t be worrying about their opinion because they are irrelevant . One of the comments I saw said , what if my friends don’t like me if I blog?. If your friends don’t like you because of something you do which makes you happy then they are not really your friends. I know it might be hard to accept that, but a proper friend is a friend who will stick with you through thick and thin, a proper friend is a friend who will support you in what you do, not try to break down your walls and make you feel like you are lesser because you are doing something that makes you happy.


When you think about it properly you blogging is not hurting anyone, so if it’s not hurting anyone then you are not doing anything wrong, so you have no reason to feel bad. Also, although this should not be the reason you are doing it, so many different people blog these days. There are so many different types of blogs out there and so much content to explore. If you actually do have a friend who is judging you or making you feel bad because you blog, do YouTube etcetera then you should try to introduce it to them and explain to it. Because although it hasn’t ever happened to me by a friend, they might just not understand and if you explain it to them maybe they will have a more open mind  and then they will hopefully support you on your blogging journey.

But if you have tried to explain to them about what you do and why you do it, and they are still putting you down because of it then you need to cut them out because they are most likely a fake friend, and you are in a toxic relationship. Cut them out !!!, I know it’s frightening and quite a hard thing to do. And although I didn’t do it the times I have done it because of them judging me because of my blog, I have cut people out of my life completely, and trust me you feel so much better after you have done it.

she beleived she could so she did.png

Believe in yourself do what you want and go for your dreams because you can achieve lots of things if you just believe in yourself.

Hope you guys really enjoyed this blog post

Kayleigh 🙂 🙂 🙂


September playlist

Hey guys welcome to this blog post in this blog post I am going to be telling you guys some songs I have been loving throughout September so without further or do let’s get into it.

  1. Ariana Grande one last time
  2. Dodie she
  3. Linkin park one more light
  4. Dodie Sick of Losing Soulmates
  5. Luigi’s mansion
  6. Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah
  7. Ed Sheeran Dive
  8. Jessie J domino
  9. Spice girls Wannabe- Radio Edit
  10. Maisie Peters- Place We Were Made
  11. High School Musical Cast- Breaking Free
  12. Kesha Rainbow
  13. Sik World iHate
  14. Adele Set Fire To The Rain
  15. Adele Make You Feel My Love
  16. Beyoncé If I were a boy
  17. Beyoncé Broken-Hearted Girl
  18. Natasha Bedingfield- I Bruise Easily
  19. Kelly Clarkson Breakaway
  20. Delta Goodrem Born to Try

Hope you guys really enjoyed this blog post 🙂 🙂 🙂

Spread love and positivity not hate

Hey guys welcome to this blog post in this blog post I am going to emphasise the point that you should spread positivity whenever you can.

You are amazing just the way you are don’t let anyone tell you any different. Do what makes you happy if it’s not hurting anyone else or yourself continue. Do what you want this is your life not anyone else’s live it the way you want to.


“Hey you !”
“Yes you! “:)

“Your amazing”

“No I’m not …” 😦

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you that”



“spread positivity”
Hope you guys enjoyed this post Kayleigh 🙂 🙂 🙂

A reflection on my summer

Hey guys welcome to this blog post in this post I am going to be reflecting on my Summer what went good, what went bad, and some things I really enjoyed during the summer.

To start of the post one of the things I really enjoyed this summer , which I have talked about quite a bit on my blog now is that I went to a YouTube convention called summer in the city. I met some of my most favourite YouTuber’s who I have wanted to meet for ages , I took lots of photos, and I went on rides and did so much more it was just such an amazing experience and I absolutely loved it.


This summer I have also become a lot more confident in who I am and I have started to care less, and less about what people think of me because to be completely honest if you are nasty and horrible to me in school when I leave school I’m not exactly going to keep contact with you anyway if you treat me like that, am I?.

This summer I have also hung out with lots of friends. In the summer holidays I usually try to hang out with as many friends as I can because like I have said in the past in the holiday I recommend you hang out with as many friends as you can. This is because yes you can hang out with your friends during the term but especially if you are going into year 11 or collage because you are obviously going to have less time to hang out with friends because you will need to be doing revision.

Another thing I did this summer was prewrite a bunch of blog posts and scheduled them. Although I did a lot more during the summer if I wrote every single thing I did this summer we would be here for ever and this is a reflection post. I of course went shopping and got some more school clothes, I got some more stationery, I got a new school bag and a new pair of school shoes. I also started revising up to the first full day back to school. I did this because I am going into year 11 and I needed to get my brain into more of a revising mode.

I also went to Scotland with my family for a week during the summer holidays and I have a post up about that so if you want to, make sure to check that out



I hope you guys really enjoyed my summer reflection blog post. Please make sure to comment down below telling me how your summer went.

Kayleigh 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hey guys welcome to this blog post, I am so, so happy right now as you guys are reading this post because I was nominated by this lovely blogger who you guys can check out by copy and pasting her link http://mericaslemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/my-liebster-award.html. Basically the idea between this award/ tag is to simply support fellow bloggers which I think is such an important and lovely idea as I love supporting fellow bloggers. I find reading blog posts so cool and enjoyable so the fact that I can discover more and support more bloggers on their journey makes me so happy. Basically how this tag works is that one blogger tags (5-11) other bloggers and asks them 11 questions which they can answer on there lovely blog. So without further or do lets get into it.

The leibster award .png

What inspired you to start your blog?

I had read a bunch of other blog posts and I wanted to start my own.

What’s your current favourite TV show to binge watch on Netflix or Hulu?

I love binge watching orphan black on Netflix however I am just rewatching the episodes because I finished it, but it is a totally amazing show. I also love binge watching old episodes of the great british bake off.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Nando’s, I love Nando’s it is my favourite restaurant.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

Poppy deyes and Zoella although I love many more

What advice would you give to another blogger starting out?

To be frequent with your content. If you are just starting out in blogging or just trying out because it is something new then I don’t think a timetable like I have is nessecary just yet however you do need to upload regularly. There is many different reasons for it but. if people discover your blog they might want to binge read your blogs and if you don’t have many they cant, also there is more blog posts to be discovered and read the more you post.

What was your very first blog post? (including an introduction about)

When I was scrolling through my blog posts which I have done I am pretty sure I found that my first post was a back to school hacks post. In this post I told you guys some hacks to make going back to school a lot easier.

What’s the most played song/ artist on your phone?

either Rihanna or Ed Sheeran I just love Ed Sheeran and Rihanna so much, I am actually seeing Ed Sheeran life next year.

Which social media platform is your favourite and why?, least favourite?

I think my favourite social media platform would have to be YouTube, I just love, love, love to watch YouTube and just YouTube in general is amazing.

If you could collaborate with any brandor influencer (blogger, YT, etc.) who would it be?

Either Zoe, Alfie or Mark. If you don’t who these people are they are both Youtuber’s and I just love them all so much they are all really amazing Youtuber’s and I just find them so amazing.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this post, once again thanks to the lovely person who nominated me.

Kayleigh 🙂 🙂 🙂


The pet tag

Hey guys welcome to this blog post in this blog post I am going to be doing the pet tag so without further or do lets get into it.

What is your pets name?

My pets name is Saidy

What kind of pet is it and what bread?
It’s a dog and it’s bread is a golden retriever

How long have you had your pet?

around 3/4 years

How did you get your pet?

We got it from one of my mums friends mum who breads golden retrievers

What are some quirky things about your pets personality?

She is playful, she doesn’t bight, she loves attention, and she loves other dogs

What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?

She means quite a lot to me

What are some of your favourite past time’s of your pet

Two of my favourite past times with my pet was when we took her to Cornwall and she swam for the first time properly when we threw the stick in the sea for her. And the other moment was when my dad and I were walking her in Heartwood forest and she just jumped in this massive puddle. To be honest though the puddle is pretty much always there and it might as well be a mini lake.

What nicknames do you call your pet?
we call her Saidy bubba, saids, saido the berahino and of course just Saidy

So that was the pet tag I hope you guys really enjoyed it let me know if you have any pets and what there names are

Kayleigh 🙂 🙂 🙂


SLxPB shop review

Hey guys welcome to this blog post in this blog post I am going to be giving you guys a review on the SLxPB pop up shop in covent garden and I am also going to be showing you guys some pictures I took whilst I was there. If you don’t know what the SLxPB shop is, it was a pop shop organized by Zoe,Joe and Alfie and they all collaborated to be able to sell different bits of merchandise in the shop. When this has been published and you guys are reading it, the pop up shop has been closed, so any of you guys who got to go there I hope you all had an amazing time. Now that all of that is out-of-the-way let’s get into it.


I came really early to the shop so that I wouldn’t have to que for to long because the ques had been ginormous on previous days and so I didn’t want to get stuck in anyone of those. So I left at 6:30 and then went on the train to covent garden. After that we tried to search for were the shop was it was kind of hard to find but we found it eventually and then we went and stood in the que.

The que was really not that long, when we came there was a que but it was not that long because we were obviously quite early, we had to wait for two hours or so for the shop to open but it wasn’t really that bad because when we left the quew was so much longer than we had to wait for the shop to open. The shop opened at 10 we picked up a few bits from the shop and then we left at 10:20 so the time we had to spend in the que really wasn’t that bad.


There was different sections in the shop were you could buy different things, however on the second last day which was the day when went to the pop up shop, they had sold out of gold hoodie’s, pop sockets and posters which was fine because I got what I wanted to get whilst I was there anyway because I wasn’t really looking to buy a pop socket and a poster, I was more looking to by a hoodie and a t shirt.


There was a section with tote bags.


And below the tote bags, where baskets which were full of SLxPB  phone cases.


There was also few arrows around the shop pointing you in the direction of other items in the shop which was so cute.



wp-image-1742278004                 There was a part of the shop which you could take pictures in front of which had the shops hashtag with I thought was super cool.




There was also a poster above were you paid for what you had bought with the prices of everything in the shop.

The security was absolutely amazing, making sure that everyone who was in the que was safe and the shop was very organized in handling everyone in the que coming into the shop. They let everyone into the shop in groups, meaning that it was so more efficient going in and out of the shop which I thought was really efficient and effective.

Overall I would say my experience was a 10/10 I loved the look and feel of the shop, I got some amazing merchandise and I had a generally lovely time talking to some people who were waiting in the que with me.

Hope you guys really enjoyed this blog post.

Kayleigh 🙂 🙂 : )

Life update

Hey guys welcome to this blog post in this blog post I am just going to be talking to you about a few things that have been going on in my life at the moment and basically just giving you guys an update on my life. So without further or do let’s get into it.

I have just moved into year 11. In year 11 I am obviously going to be studying a lot more because of my GCSE’S. I am going to have to be doing more revision so that I can get the best grades which I personally can this year. However I will definetly be trying to  upload every Monday and Saturday for you guys. And I will be taking out some time to still do my blog posts because even though I am going to be studying lots I still need to obviously have breaks else my mental health will just not be good and I really don’t want that.

Another thing which has changed in my life now is that I am getting a math’s tutor. Every Saturday I do dancing, singing, acting and Lambda from 10 Am to 1:45. However now I am going to be having a math’s tutoring session every Saturday from 9 Ocklock to 9:45 and then do the rest.

Recently in my life I have realized that I need to stop caring what people think so much and I am currently trying to improve in that area. Even though in the past I have said you don’t need to care what people think and I have meant it, don’t think I haven’t meant it just because I am trying to improve in this area right now does not mean I don’t believe in that message. But although this message is a great message and a great way to look at your life, to live it for you and not for someone else. However it is quite difficult for multiple reasons and I feel like I have been improving in this area recently, and I am trying to carry on improving.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this type of blog post I wanted to try something different and I saw this around so I thought why not do it.

Kayleigh 🙂 🙂 🙂


Bloggers I have been loving recently

Hey guys welcome to this blog post in this blog post I am going to be talking about some bloggers/ blogs I have been loving recently. I read a lot of different blogs because I just think it is so fun and enjoyable to check out different people’s blogs content.  I will be linking these blogs so you guys can also check them out and hopefully enjoy their posts as much as I have been. I don’t know which one I would put first or last if I was going to rank these specific blogs, so I am just going to do it no particular order but I hope you guys really enjoy this post so without further or do lets get into it.

  1. The first blogger which I have been loving reading lately is Poppy Deyes and her blog is at http://www.poppydeyes.com/ . I love, love , love reading Poppy’s blog posts they are so aesthetically pleasing. And she also has a few advice posts which I personally think are very helpful so I would definitely recommend her to you if you are looking for a new blog to start reading make sure to go check out hers.
  2. My second blogger which I have been loving is quite popular just like the first one but it honestly wouldn’t be a truthful post if I didn’t put these to bloggers in. But this blogger is Zoella I also love watching Zoe’s YouTube channels but her blog posts are really engaging and I just love them so much. So make sure to check out her blog at ( https://www.zoella.co.uk/)
  3. My third blog which I have loved reading recently is                                                           ( https://myselfandjake.wordpress.com/) this blog just has the most engaging and informative posts. And she talks about different things to do with toddlers which I find really interesting.
  4. I have also really been loving (http://www.lilypebbles.co.uk/) , Lilly’s blog is just so relaxing if you just want to read a blog post whilst you are winding down to go to sleep or trying to relax I would definitely recommend Lilly’s blog.
  5. My 5th blog which I have recently discovered and actually been loving so much is  ( https://lifeaccordingtojadeblog.wordpress.com/) I don’t know what it is about her blogs but I always feel drawn to them now ever since I have discovered her blog and I always just want to read more. I think she is such a talented blogger and I would for sure recommend you guys go and check her blog out.
  6. My sixth blog which I have been loving is at (https://wandererinneverland.wordpress.com/) if you are book lover, let me tell you now you will absolutely love this blog there is such a big variety of blog posts to do with books, and I personally really enjoy reading blog posts to do with books so if you do to I would definetly recommend this blog.
  7. My seventh blog which I have been loving reading is at (https://thedaysofdaydreaming.wordpress.com/) her blog is, so, so , so freaking amazing and it is also so, so aesthetically pleasing, it’s like a tumblr palace. As well as this her blog posts are really calming.
  8. I have also been loving this blog which is at ( http://www.sarahtrademark.com/) I really love reading her blogs. I recently read one of her blog posts where she made brownies and I found it really helpful. But her blog isn’t only to do with baking it is to do with so many different things, which I really love because I feel like there is something there for everyone which is always great.
  9. The second to last bloggers, blog which I have been loving is at (https://ladybirdl.wordpress.com/) I really love reading blog posts from this blog because they are just so interesting, unique.

10. The last blogger which I have been loving recently is at ( https://ruralroses.com/) I recently read one of her blog posts which was her Autumn wish list and I absolutely loved it, so I thought I would read more of her blog posts, so I did and I spent so long just binge reading her blog posts so I would for sure, 100 percent go check her out if you are looking for a new blog to read.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this blog post all makes sure to comment some bloggers who you have been loving reading recently

Kayleigh 🙂 🙂 🙂




Goals for September

Hey guys welcome to this blog post. I saw a few people doing these types of posts, so I thought why don’t I do one especially as it is September first when this is going to be published. In this blog post I am going to be telling you guys some of my goals for September, so without further or do let’s get into it.

Hello september

  1. My first goal for September is to publish two blog posts a week for the whole of this month to start out my schedule. From now on I want to try upload 2 times a week and I want to start from this month. So new blog posts up will hopefully be up every Monday and Saturday.
  2. My second goal for this month is to try to revise a lot more I am going to be going into year 11 in a few days So I know that I will need to revise more. I am going to be trying to do 2 hours everyday of this month and then hopefully try to continue that on into other months and maybe even increase the time of revision sessions because it is very important so I need to do as much of it as I possibly can.
  3. My third and last goal for this month is to try to focus as much as I can in my new tutoring sessions. I will be uploading a post talking more about during the month of September in a life update post. However if you know me you will know that I am not the best at maths so my parents have now got me a tutor so I am going to be trying my best in those sesssions to focus and improve . I am going to be trying hard after this month as well of course but I obviously want to get of to a good start with it so I thought it would be worth including in this post.

Hope you guys really enjoyed this post

Kayleigh 🙂 🙂 🙂