August playlist

Hey guys welcome to this blog post, in this post I am going to be telling you guys some songs which I have been loving to listen to throughout August, so without further or do let’s get into it.

  1. Bohemian Rapsody Queen
  2. Mamma Mia
  3. I kissed a girl Katy Perry
  4. Allstar
  5. Talk to me cavetown
  6. Best friend Rex orange country
  7. better now post Malone
  8. would you be so kind Dodie
  9. Skinny love birdy
  10. Safe and sound Taylor Swift
  11. Gasoline Halsey
  12. Build you up Kim Taylor
  13. Love on the brain Rihanna
  14. Perfect Ed Sheeran
  15. Green Ocean the tides
  16. I dreamed a dream Le Mis
  17. Helpless Hamilton
  18. Summer Nights Grease
  19. You Dodie
  20. Don’t look back in anger Oasis

I hope you guys really enjoyed this blog post

Kayleigh πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Orange Is The New Black Season 6 Review

Hey guys welcome to this blog post, as you guys can see from the title in todays post I am going to be reviewing the new season of Orange Is The New Black which just came out recently.

I have loved the show Orange Is The New Black for ages, I am not completely sure why but I just think that it is quite interesting.

A few people talked about the first episode of the series and how it was to graphic, I am not going to say what happened in that episode because I don’t want to spoil it for people who may want to watch it but it did really make me think so if you are interested in then you can research that.

I thought that this series was very different to the past series of the show which was quite cool, there was so much more focus on the characters Barb and Carol. The show cleverly zoomed into these characters which I thought was cool and it told us as the viewers why those two characters ended up where they are.

As well the cliff hanger that the season ended on was so, so, so clever. I would say what it was but of course I don’t want to spoil it for people.

If you liked the character Susanne then you would be in for a treat, cause in this season I was so happy that I got to see more insight into the character Susanna and into her mental health. I definetely felt sympathy for her.

Overall I really enjoyed watching the series, however if because it is an 18 and does cover some rough issues if you don’t think you will be able to handle watching some of the scenario’s in the show then maybe don’t watch this show in particular but another one.

Kayleigh πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Tips on preparing for results day (what I am doing)

Hey guys welcome to this blog post, in this post I am going to be telling you guys what I have been doing to prepare myself for my GCSE results day. I thought this would be helpful seeing as it is coming up pretty soon and I know that I am not the only one in this position

ToΒ  be completely honest I haven’t been worrying about my GCSE results at all this holiday and the reason I haven’t been is because I know that there is nothing I can do now, the exams are done it’s not like worrying is going to change the grade which I get. But I have figured out that there is going to be certain things which I am going to have to think about to make results day more bearable.

  1. Number 1 is what I just said the exams are done and worrying is not going to change your grade so you might as well just enjoy your holiday and then what happens, happens if you know you tried your best there is literally nothing else you could have done.
  2. The next thing is more about what to do on the actual day. I panic a lot, so I already know that results day is going to be hard for me, but I guess you have to think about the fact that you have done the exams now and there is nothing more that you can do about it. As well as this on the day I would recommend just trying to get yourself in the best mind set. Once you have opened your results you don’t need to share it with people straight away, you are allowed to think about it all first and then share it if you want and you don’t need to share it if you don’t want to. Don’t feel forced to or like you have to just cause someone else did.
  3. My third tip is to having something fun or exciting planned to do after results day. I don’t mean after you collected your results I mean the day after or something. For example you might want to go away for a weekend or something like that. Just something which makes you happy. Of course you will need to deal with your results and all of that but I recommend before doing that, that you should just let them settle in and have a bit more fun before you decide what you are going to do next with what you have.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this blog post and if you are in A level or you have just done your GCSE’S, Uni exams whatever it might be good luck on your results.

Kayleigh πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Self Love


Hey guys in this post I am going to be talking about self love and why it is so important to me.

What is Self love, often people thing self love means that you are obnoxious and you think that you are better than everyone else but this is definetely not the case. The online definition of self love which I found is that self love is a “regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.”.

So you see self love is not about thinking you are better than everyone else. Self love is making sure that you care about your well being and happiness which sometimes means doing certain things in your life to make sure that you stay happy.

For example my friend and I were talking about a problem the other day to do with the fact that people can rely so much on their partner that if them and their partner break up the other individual can be left broken.

Yes it is good to have happiness and love from others. That is great in fact it is brilliant because it the means that you are having lots of sources of happiness which is great even if they are not the exact words which you would use to describe your friends or your lover. But the fact is, is that you should not have that as your only source of happiness.

You should be able to be happy without a lover as well and it is sad that people are so reliant. Yes you can be sad if you break up with someone or if you have to end a toxic friendship, that is normal. However what is less normal and what is worse than that is if you let your whole world fall apart because of what happened.

Your world should not revolve around someone else, you shouldn’t have to rely so much on someone else for happiness.

A few ways in which you could solve this problem is you could spend more time on self care for yourself and do things by yourself which make you happy as well as with your friend and partner. In no way shape or form am I saying that you shouldn’t talk to your friend, because duh if you didn’t then they wouldn’t be your friend. I just think that you should take in to consideration your own happiness and realise that you can feel happy by yourself as with others.

Just remember that you are amazing and worth it

Kayleigh πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

How I did my makeup for Prom

Hey guys welcome to this blog post, I was in Year 11 but I ended it a while ago which meant that I was going to be able to go to a prom. For my prom I made a big effort to get ready because I really wanted to feel and look my best. I wanted to make this post so that I could tell you what products I used to do my makeup for prom and what order I did it in because I did my makeup by myself. I thought some of you guys who are going into year 11 might also be able to take some inspiration from this post in terms of what makeup you might want to do yourself if you choose to for when you go to prom.

  1. The first step I did was foundation. The foundation I used for my look was the Maybelline superstay 24 hour full coverage foundation and I applied it all over my face with a brush.
  2. Once this was done I then took my collection lasting perfection concealer and I applied it under my eyes and on my spots. I applied it using a beauty blender because I find that beauty blenders can be really helpful if you want to get a fuller coverage look which is definetely what I was going for.
  3. I then took the collection lasting perfection concealer again and I used it to prime my eyelids.
  4. Something I can say about the eyeshadow colour you use for your prom night is that I would recommend you do some research. What I did before choosing what colour eyeshadow I was going to wear to my prom is that I searched up what colours went well with the colour green because that was the colour of my jumpsuit, silver came up and I tested it out before prom and I loved how it looked so I used it for my real time look for prom. And the silver eyeshadow I used was from the Sophxrevolution extra spice eyeshadow pallete.
  5. I then did my eyebrows using an eyebrow pallete which I bought from Primark’s makeup range.
  6. After my eyebrows where done I took my Maybelline New York mascara and I applied it to my lashes.
  7. After that I used my sophxmakeup revolution highlighter pallete and I mixed the purple and white shade together and I applied highlighter on to my cheek bones and my nose.
  8. I then applied some lip gloss.
  9. To finish off the look I used the Maybelline fit me powder.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this post and it gave some of you guys going into year 11 some idea’s

Kayleigh πŸ™‚

My Prom Experience

Hey guys welcome to this post. In this post I am going to be telling you guys all about my prom experience.

I had my prom on the second of July for the end of Year 11 and it was honestly so amazing, I thought the prom committee did an amazing job and it was definetely a really enjoyable night.

Before Prom my friend Ruby andΒ  I got ready together and around 5:20 we got into the car to be taken to the prom venue. I am really glad we left early because we got to the prom first which meant that the photographer was able to take pictures of us first and we were also able to go in the photo booth first although we did go in again later on during the night.

There was so many amazing photography areas to take pictures with your friends in. When you walked inside the venue there was balloons spelling out the word Prom so we took quite a few pictures there not only from the photographer but we also took some on our phones.

There was also a variety of free sweets with bags available to put them in which I thought was really cool and it was a great idea to have it there because mostly everyone loves sweets and although they aren’t very healthy of course you have to let yourself off every once in a while and it was a very special night , one which I will remember for the rest of my life.

I know there are sometimes people who wonder whether they should even bother going to their prom. But in my opinion I think that you definetely should. Look at it this way even if you go and you really don’t like it, you get free food and you aren’t going to do it again anyway.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this post



My Secondary School Experience

Hey guys welcome to this blog post in this blog post I am going to be talking to you guys about my secondary school experience. Although I have now left school and after the holidays are done I am going to be going to college I am still not going to state the name of my school because then it is still not safe.

Germany Trip

The Germany trip happened in year 7. It wasn’t my favourite trip out of all of the trips I went on with my school but it was still fun, we even went to a chocolate factory which was really cool. We also took some cool photos and explored lots of different cool historical buildings in Germany which was really cool.

Spain tripΒ 

In year 9 or 10 I think I went to Spain with my school, I think it was in Year 9. Spain was 100 percent the best school trip out of all of the ones I had been on including the day out trips of course. We got to go to the beach which is one of my favourite things to do, I love the sun so it was great. We also got to go to lots of cool shops within the town which we were in, and when we went on this trip we were allowed to go off with our friends and just do some fun stuff . The shops were really unique and one thing which I really liked was having a nice meal with my friends in the sun. We also got to go on a boat and the sights were beautiful although I did get sea sick and I then puked over the side of the boat which wasn’t the best but it was one thing out of the whole trip. We got to go on a cable cart which was lots of fun, I remember how the teachers told everyone before we went on it to not try and shake our shoes off as a joke because we might not be able to find them again which I thought was quite funny. My favourite part of the Spain trip was when we went to a karoke bar obviously there wasn’t alcohol for us because we were young and we were with school lol. But I loved that because I love singing, and the karoke was a contest. I remember I sung let it be with one of my friends and then I sung rolling in the deep and I also sung another song and when I got nervous a really lovely girl in my year came on to the stage and sung along with me to give me confidence. It was just such a lovely atmosphere.

PGL trip

I cant quite remember when this was in year 9 and 10 because I cant remember whether the Spain trip was in year 9 and 10 but it doesn’t really matter. I loved the PGL trip, I love PGL you get to do lots of amazing activities. I also overcame a fear onΒ  this trip. I was so scared to do the Trapeze and the first time I did it I found it so hard because I was so scared because I looked down and that scared me. However I then went on a second time, didn’t look down and I just di it and I found that really cool. I had so much fun on this trip. To be honest all the school trips made me really happy, I loved going on them, they were always so much fun.


In my secondary school everyone in the year was in different forms and in these forms there were competitions which you did together, and when there was different school events people could volunteer and help out to raise house points. I was house captain with another girl in my form for two years which was pretty cool. But even when I wasn’t house captain with her I always loved to volunteer to help out at the big bake sale we had at our school every year, I also loved volunteering at fairs and other events that happened at the school.

Sport’s Days

Sport’s day, I liked it but I also didn’t. I liked doing sports because I love sport and I loved the competition, the competition and the amazing face paint. But some of the sports day’s were quite annoying because it would be super hot outside and you would be sweating lots from the heat. However overall I did really like the sports days because I love sports and I loved the overall idea of sports day.

Gym and Dance

In our school there was a GYM and Dance display every year. Sadly I only found out about the display in year 8 but from year 8 to year 11 I participated in this display every year. I think the first club I joined was tap and I did gymnastics the same year and I think I did that till year 10. In year 10 I just did tap and then when year 11 came around I did contempary, tap and senior dance however gym had been cut out of the display by this time and it was just dance. Gym and Dance was definetely a wonderful highlight in my school time, I had so much fun participating every year because of how much I love dance I did do dance outside of school as well and I still do dance out of school. As well as this I got really close with a friend through gym and dance and that was amazing because we shared the experience and that made me really happy and those are definetely memories I will not forget.

Silver DOE

I did Silver DOE with my school. First we got put into our DOE groups which was cool because I feel like after having done the expedition together and all the planning in preparation for it I feel like I have gotten a lot closer with the people in my group which is really nice. I was really lucky because I liked all of the 4 girls in my group they were all really nice and we did get along well. Silver DOE was definetely hard physically and emotionally but I am glad I did it for the experience.

Year Book

I was part of the year book committee and it was great fun. It was great to be able to do that because it meant that I had something to take my mind of GCSE’S which were really stressing me at the time. Plus I love righting and I definetely got a lot closer with some of the people in the year book committee who I hadn’t really talked to before which was super cool, and I feel like when you join clubs that’s a great way to meet new people as well as just getting to know people more.

My last day of secondary school

It was the last day of school and to be honest I was really excited. I didn’t really see it as a goodbye though because I knew that everyone was going to see eachother again at clearance day and I would also see a lot of people from my year at prom which would be the actual proper goodbye. However the last actual day of school at my secondary school was really fun. We got to sign each others t shirts, take lots of photos and the leaving assembly was really fun as well.


Throughout secondary school I can say that I 100 percent made some amazing friends who I am definetely going to keep in contact with, yes there was friendship drama’s and I did have some toxic friends who I cut out of my life during secondary school but it taught me something. It taught me a life lesson that if someone is a toxic friend do not keep being their friend because of the past or believing they will change, cut them off, they don’t deserve you, instead you should hang out with your real friends, your amazing friends that love, care and support you.


I was not in the prom committee because although I loved being in the year book committee obviously because they were both in year 11 I was focusing onΒ  my GCSE’S. However what I can say is that our prom committee did an amazing job, the prom was amazing. I know that I have already made a few blog posts about prom already but it was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life it was just so much fun. There was great food, music and it was just so fun to be able to experience the whole thing with my amazing friends who I love so much.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this post

Kayleigh πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚